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Please note these errors have been corrected for the 2019 edition, available here.


It's a big book, nearly 600 pages crammed with facts.  And a few typos.  The following errors made it past the eagle eyes of the editors:

p. 14, here's the intended photo of Christian Wilhelm Allers (whose first name is misspelled in the heading):

Photo by Deftlet Hahn, ca. 1885


p. 21, Kenneth Anger; in 1947 he would have been twenty years old.

p. 143, although the photo is of Donatello's "David", I meant to use this shot:

p. 173, John Fraser: "longtime lovers Rudolf NUREYEV and actor Dirk BOGARDE" should be "longtime lover Rudolf NUREYEV, and actor Dirk BOGARDE."  Fraser and Bogarde were not lovers.

p. 220, Magnus Hirschfeld; his name is misspelled throughout the article, it s/b Hirschfeld.

p. 222 Billie Holiday's birth name was Elinore Harris.

p. 340, Holly Near; there should be a period after 1976.

p. 405 Deborah Sampson; sources indicate it was a bottle of medicinal wine, not rum, that she took with her into the woods.  Also, most sources list her assumed name as Shurtliff, though some report Shurtleff, Shurtliffe, or as in QIH, Shirtliff.


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