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Reviews for the first edition



"A riveting ramble through queerdom."–Sir Ian McKellen

“This is history and dish garnished lavishly with innuendo, riddled with sarcasm and schmooze” — Wired Magazine

“History of Note” — USA Today

“If you’re looking for some real information, plunk down some spare change and buy 'Queers in History'” — Dan Savage

“Hot Stuff” — Buzz Magazine

“A faboo diversion” — The Village Voice

“A great addition to a reference section”—Feminist Bookstore News

"There's something for everyone in Queers in History"—Gay City News

Readers' feedback:

• "Your idea is fantastic, and the information is surely useful.", C.C. Los Angeles.
• “It’s fun and educational. I think you have a great product.”, A.A. Floyd, VA
• “Thanks for creating Queers in History”, D.A. Swarthmore, PA
• “Not only is it educational for me, it’s also a lot of fun.”, K.B. Columbus, OH
• “I recently purchased Queers In History. It is excellent, and I look forward to using it as a resource in my work at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.”, Stefan, Washington, DC
• “I’ve been much impressed. Kudos and Much Good On You.”, B.C. Birmingham, AL
• “An impressive list of material. As a writer I appreciate the resource.” L.M., Toronto, Canada
• “I was browsing at Rizzoli in between sessions at the American Library Association meeting in Chicago, when I spotted Queers In History. I’m really enjoying it.”, J.F., East Haven, CT


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